Mitch Winehouse – Rush Of Love

Image: 1559611 No one is more aware than Mitch Winehouse of the accusation soon to be leveled at him. "Well of course I wouldn't be in this position without Amy," he laughs indulgently, as if anyone could think differently or even see that fact as a negative, "but now the opportunity is there, why not take it? Who wouldn't want to make an album?" For Mitch Winehouse to cut a record called Rush of Love at the age of 60 is an unlikely twist of fate, especially one with a song selection revealing a real depth of knowledge and impeccable taste. But It comes from a perfectly natural place and reveals the roots of his own, as well as his daughter's musical inspiration. This is no album of the usual Rat Pack standards - it is jazz, swing, crooning, if you like, but not pop. This is the Winehouse musical DNA.
Erhältlich ab 19.11.2010
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