The Godfathers – Shot Live At The 100 Club

Image: 1559784 Brand new live CD and DVD recorded at the 100 Club London on the 17th June 2010. Double disc set of CD and DVD of the Godfathers show at the 100 club earlier this year. Features all their best tracks plus a DVD interview with the band.

1.Public Enemy Number One
2.I Want Everything
3.Cause I Said So
4.I Can't Sleep Tonight
5.Love Is Dead
6.Just Because You're Not Paranoid Doesn't Mean To Say They're Not Going To Get You!
7.Can't Leave Her Alone
8.She Gives Me Love
9.(Happy Birthday) -When Am I Coming Down
10.This Is War
11.I Want You
12.How Does It Feel
13.I'm Branded
14.Lonely Man
15.Back Into The Future
16.Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues
17.How Low is Low
18.Hup 2 3 4
19.If I Only Had Time
20.This Damn Nation
21.Birth School Work Death Encore
22.Brand New Cadillac
23.I'm Unsatisfied
24.Cold Turkey Erhältlich ab 05.11.2010

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