Jessica 6

Jessica 6 ist das neue Projekt von Nomi Ruiz, schillernde Sängerin des Hercules & Love Affair Debutklassikers aus dem Jahr 2008. Unterstützt wird die DJane, Mode- & Kunstikone aus NYC von den Automato-Mitgliedern Andrew Raposo (Bass) und Morgan Wiley (Keyboards), die oft mit der DFA-Crew (James Murphy, Tim Goldsworthy) aufnehmen. Jessica 6 liefern auf “See The Light” eine erfrischend charmante Mixtur aus Disco, Electro, Soul & Pop mit einer Prise R&B. Zu den Highlights des Albums zählen der Opener & Hit “White Horse”, der orientalisch angehauchte Titeltrack, das grandiose “Prisoner Of Love” feat. Antony Hegarty (Antony & The Johnsons), der Ohrwurm “Fun Girl” sowie die melancholische R&B Midtempo-Ballade “Champagne Bubbles”.

“If you are liking Beth Ditto’s new musical direction for her solo project, then we really think you’re going to enjoy Jessica 6. Made up of some former member’s of Hercules & Love Affair, the band – like Ditto – is making pop music with a disco feel and a real soulful vibe as well. We love it!” – Perez Hilton

“The outstanding debut album from this Brooklyn throwback act recalls a time when the city shone with glitter and cocaine. And it’s no wonder: Bassist Andrew Raposo, keyboardist Morgan Wiley, and singer Nomi Ruiz all met while touring in nu-disco figureheads Hercules and Love Affair’s live show. But Jessica 6 is first and foremost a house act, with Ruiz’s lush, androgynous vocals soaking up the beat on standouts “Fun Girl” and “White Horse,” in which Ruiz beckons, “Let me see you dance.” Not a problem. “Good To Go” slams on the brakes, a slow, candlelit jam that that would make Sade blush.” – Caroline Seghers (


01. White Horse
02. See The Light
03. Prisoner Of Love
04. In The Heat
05. Jessica Jessica
06. Freak The Night
07. Good To Go
08. Fun Girl
09. Not Anymore
10. Champagne Bubbles / Remember When
11. Blessed Mother
12. U-Motion
13. Stars In Your Eyes

Das Album Jessica 6See The Light” (Peacefrog) erscheint am 27.05.2011.

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