Ada – Meine Zarten Pfoten (Bonus 7inch + MP3)

Image: 1564060 Meine zarten Pfoten ('My Tender Paws') is the eagerly-awaited album by Lady Ada that everybody's been longing to get a hold of for so long. Her second album after debut Blondie truly is a revelation. Ada has successfully cast off that four-to-the-floor yoke and has recorded songs that go way beyond all our well-known categories, hovering above everything in a state of serene disengagement. It's certainly pPp in its broadest sense, but ultimately it's a work of music that radiates such an amazing warmth and tranquility that it will even sedate the biggest nervous wreck into a state of subtle receptiveness. This record is your friend. It's a shining light of beauty, glowing from the inside. Humans have feelings. And it's only the noblest of feelings that these nine songs arouse. After listening to them you’re left with a slightly sheepish smile on your face. And then you press play again. Erhältlich ab 17.06.2011

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