Haight Ashbury – The Ashburys

Image: 1571229 This Glasgow trio take their name from San Francisco’s hippie mecca of the 60’s/70’s. The band is built upon a foundation of close harmonies, provided by female vocalists Kirsty and Jennifer Ashbury reminiscent of CSNY with a darker edge.

“One of the stars of Les Transmusical 2011” Liberation (FR)
Top 5 most played bands 2011 on stations including Flux/Motor FM (Germany) ORF FM4 (Austria)
Sophomore already playlisted on ORF FM4 (AT) DRS Virus (CH) Flux Motor FM (D) Rocket/ THS (SW)
Featured on the main evening news ORF 1 TV (AT) 24.1.12 Erhältlich ab 06.04.2012
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