Ken Hensley – Love And Other Mysteries

Image: 1572800 Der britische Musiker und Sänger Ken Hensley war bis zu seinem Austritt im Jahr 1980 die treibende Kraft der progressiven Hardrock-Band Uriah Heep. Er schrieb unvergessliche Klassiker wie "Lady In Black" oder "uly Morning". Nun präsentiert er sein mit Spannung erwartetes neues Studio-Album "Love And Other Mysteries" auf dem Esoteric Recordings Sub-Label Esoteric Antenna. Volle drei Jahre arbeitete Ken Hensley an seinem neuen Werk, und die Ausdauer hat sich gelohnt, denn auf diese weise entstand ein intensives und sehr persönliches Album. "Love And Other Mysteries" beinhaltet außerdem Gastauftritte von großartigen Sängerinnen/Sängern wie Glenn Hughes, Santra Salkova, Sarah Rope, Irene Forniciari und Roberto Tiranti.

Ken Hensley über das Album: "No-one is free from emotion and its effects. No one. I am a poet and songwriter with the dreams and ambitions of an 11-year-old boy still running rampant in my heart. The songs on this CD came to me as naturally as breathing, from the source I have always believed in and in which I now believe more strongly than ever. I think this CD represents a very positive shift in my musical focus and for me it is exciting to travel new and unexplored territory. It must be every songwriter's dream to be able to make a record in this way! I know it was mine. The lyrics are the single most important thing on this album and it is these words that were permitted to produce and guide the direction of the album." Erhältlich ab 08.06.2012

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