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Image: 1574780 The Coherences Initially, the new HONIG Album 'Empty Orchestra' was to be released this year in April on his own label Glass Books Records. Just before its publication however, the songwriter from Düsseldorf decided to take the offer from Haldern Pop Recordings' to release his newest work. The plans for his own label were consequently put on hold.

"Suddenly everything went quite fast and I didn't need long to realise that the opportunity to work with Haldern Pop Recordings had come just at the right moment. I just couldn't say no!"

So now Empty Orchestra will be released on September 21st through Haldern Pop Recordings/Rough Trade, which together with the Grand Hotel van Cleef Booking, is a reputable package put together by Honig. By the way, his first official video "For Those Lost at Sea" has attracted over 30.000 plays on YouTube.

The Release
Empty Orchestra is the second album of singer/songwriter HONIG. The 'guitar-acrobatics' of past 'metal-days' now come in useful, slowed down, for more discreet and delicate purposes. Musical resources such as multi-voice harmonies in a late 60s style, layers of strings, pounding drums and rattling tambourines, have lured steadily increasing numbers to his concerts.

The talents and flexibility of this musician from Düsseldorf show particularly when he is playing live. Having performed solo for a long time, HONIG now arranges his songs for a duo or for a complete band. Subsequently, the entire tonal diversity of Empty Orchestra can not only be experienced within your own four walls, but can also be seen and especially heard live. HONIG has already played more than 80 concerts nationally and internationally in 2012.

A large part of Empty Orchestra was recorded in the Czech Republic in an old and secluded schoolhouse where an Aunt of a friend lives. Honig had already visited Vehlovice in the summer of 2010 to quietly start preparing for the album. While the arrangements of producer Jan Sedgwick dominated the debut album Treehouse, Empty Orchestra has finally turned out to be exactly what Honig had been searching for in the previous 3 years, namely, his 'own' album! Guitar and vocals, the foundation work, were recorded live. The remaining arrangements were recorded by Honig himself and many friends and musical companions. Honig found several of his musicians through intensively touring with bands like: An Horse, Anna Calvi, Calexico, Isbells, John Elliott And The Hereafter, Kettcar, Tim Neuhaus, Wendy McNeill and many others.

Jonas David is a brilliant musician and good friend from Wuppertal. John Elliott is a songwriter from LA. Martin Hannaford was Stefans bandmate in 'Benevolent' for 8 years and is now a set part of his band. Gianni Marzo is the guitarist of the Belgian band "Isbells" Tim Neuhaus is the drummer of 'Clueso' and is signed to Grand Hotel van Cleef as a solo-artist.

01. Sleep Driver
02. For Those Lost At Sea
03. This Old House
04. ln My Drunken Head
05. Song For Julie
06. Look What The Tide Brought In
07. The Morning Chorus
08. Hunters
09. Hometowns
10. Burning Down Bookshops
11. Horns

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