Fuzz – This Time I Got A Reason

Image: 1578845 For fans of Ty Segall... Since it's *rst issue in 1966, the 'Fuzz Face' pedal has sung it's distorted siren song & lured many a burgeoning guitar player to the rock. Hendrix & Townshend swore by them, and apparently so does the San Francisco mystery group FUZZ. We received an unsolicited email submission from these guys & despite our best e*orts, cannot discern who is responsible for these jams. All we know is that we haven't been able to stop playing these two tracks over & over & over! Tinnitus here we come!
Two addictive & ferocious slabs of doomy fuzzed-out rock & fucking ROLL that break open the gates of Hades & lurch forward like rabid hounds of Hell! "This Time I Got A Reason" & "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" are both *aming embers of molten rock that evoke a serpentine head-banging & rage skyward on evil ri*s like the red-headed stepchildren of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Jerusalem & Wicked Lady! W-W-Whoah! (Please Note: we at Trouble In Mind Records LLC are not responsible for any spinal or neck problems that occur from excessive head-banging to this hot shit platter). First pressing of 500 copies comes housed in a new "stars 'n' stripes" version of the TiM factory sleeve, is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

RIYL: Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Witchcraft, Sir Lord Baltimore Erhältlich ab 22.02.2013

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