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Image: 1578801 Probably the funkiest thing out of Italy today: think Budos Band meeting Morricone!

What do you get when you mix Italian, indie, funk, rock, and jazz together? Calibro 35, of course! Calibro 35 does with music what Tarantino does with film. They borrow from what they love and make it their own.

Calibro 35 has finally announced the EU release date of their new album 'Any Resemblance to Real Persons or Actual Facts is Purely Coincidental'! Interestingly, the band recorded and perfected this album in just five days in New York, while taking a short pause from playing gigs around the US. The band line-up includes Enrico Gabrielli (horns and keyboards), Massimo Martellotta (guitars), Tommaso Colliva (sounds), Luca Cavina (bass), and Fabio Rondanini (drums.)

This album features a unique improvisational approach and incorporates a variety of music styles, while still keeping the cinematic vibe of their previous work. ''Massacre at Dawn'' has an afro-funk feel, while ''Rain On Concrete'' sounds like an old French soundtrack, refreshed, and brought back to life. There is also a globally-inspired flavor to several tracks, from the Indian vibe of ''New Dehli Deli'' to the streets of San Francisco in ''Thank You and Good Bye'', and back to Italy for retro-scat vocals on ''Uh Ah Brrr.'' Calibro 35's new album not only showcases a fusion of distinctive cultural sounds, but also leaves a reminiscent feeling of past music with an updated modern twist!


- Sound Heritage:

Italian crime and thriller movies from the ‘60s and the ‘70s had a sound of their own. Think to Morricone’s, Goblin’s and Nino Rota’s music for Sergio Leone’s, Dario Argento’s and Federico Fellini’s movies. Playing both golden age soundtracks by Italian Maestros and original compositions, Calibro 35 resurrected that funk-rock meets jazz mixture that made Italy the place to go for movie music during the ’60 and the ‘70s.

- New Retro vibe:

Calibro 35 did to Italian soundtracks what Daptone did to Soul and Black Keys did to Blues… they brought that good old flavour back to modern days. Winning several awards as “Best Italian Live Band” (MEI/PIMI and MarteAwards amongst others) Calibro 35 is without a doubt the funkiest thing out of Italy in present years.

- Soundtracks:

American director Robert Schwentke picked Calibro 35 “Calling All Units to Broccolino” as ending title theme for his block buster movie “R.E.D.” starring Bruce Willis, John Malcovich and Morgan Freeman. Calibro 35 songs have been used for lot of other movies and commercials.

- International Recognition and Collaborations:

The band toured US four times, playing several times in New York and LA and performing KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic” Radio Show (Most important live music independent radio show in the US). They played SXSW and CMJ music conference and obtained very positive reviews on well known music magazines and media including Mojo, Rolling Stones and many others. Calibro35 members collaborated with countless international artists such as Muse, Faith No More’s Mike Patton, Afghan Wigs, John Parish, Franz Ferdinand and many others. The band opened Milan San Siro stadium concert for Muse in 2010. They also shared stage with Sharon Jones and the Dapkings during their last Europen tour.

- Quentin Tarantino’s link:

Instrumental band performing italian golden age soundtracks as used by Quentin Tarantino on all his movies including “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill”, “Inglorious Basterds” and the newly released “Django Unchained”

Side A
1. Any resemblance to real facts is purely coincidental
2. Uh Ah Brr    
3. Thank you and goodbye
4. New Dehli Deli
5. The package
6. Passaggi Nel Tempo
Side B
1. New York New York
2. No news good news
3. Italian band from B.B.Q. (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens)
4. Rain on concrete
5. A Massacre at dawn
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