The Knife – Tomorrow, In A Year

Image: 1582976 THE KNIFE IN COLLABORATION WITH MT. SIMS AND PLANNINGTOROCK Tomorrow In A Year (2010 Swedish issue 16-track 2-CD album set - This music was made for the opera called Tomorrow In A Year commissioned by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. The music is based on Charles Darwins book On The Origin Of The Species his notebooks and other randomly selected Darwin related literature and articles. Originally The Knife were commissioned to compose the music but they thought this vast subject couldnt be interpreted by only two brains so they invited Mt. Sims and Planningtorock to try a more collaborative process for the first time not only to have a more fun and interesting process but also to capture the huge width of the theme of Darwin and evolution. This 2-disc set comprises a studio version of the piece with slight differences and variations from the performed opera. Housed in a sealed fold-out digipak picture sleeve) Erhältlich ab 26.07.2013

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