Various – Jump Blues Jamaica Way (1945-1960)

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Jamaican Sound System Classics 1945-1960

It’s been 20 months since our last volume of Jamaican Sound System Classics, and there is no sign that enthusiasm for the series is abating. Demand for Jumping The Shuffle Blues (FVTD087) and Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You (FVTD140) remains strong, and we even receive suggestions from customers for tracks to feature in future volumes.

Finally, here is Jump Blues Jamaica Way, another 3CD selection which rounds up 84 US jump/shuffle blues recordings, which will be of equal interest to both Jamaican music fans and connoisseurs of classic US rhythm & blues. Before the development of its own recording industry, Jamaican music fans predominantly found musical fulfilment in the raw shuffle blues music that emanated from mainland USA. This no-nonsense style of R&B dominated the island’s sound system dances from the dawn of the Fifties, with operators aggressively competing with each other for exclusive discs, many of which were later covered by some of Jamaica’s biggest names.

In the tradition of the previous releases in this series, compiler and annotator Phil Etgart has selected only recordings that are known to have been played on the original Jamaican sound systems of the 1940s and 1950s, and once again he has managed to uncover a few tunes that were generally known on the island by their sound system titles. There are still many more such tracks that we would love to include if only we knew their true identities, so if you know the correct credits for such unknown gems as “Hey Hey Mr Berry”, “Blow Big Bill Blow” or “Bust Your Head”, please share the information with us!

This is the music that provided the inspiration for Ska and all that followed - and some of these 84 essential and hugely influential recordings are making their first official release on CD. So enjoy sound system favourites by Louis Jordan, Joe Liggins, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Fats Domino, Louis Prima, Rosco Gordon, Professor Longhair and a host of other names, both famous and obscure.

Sales Points
Generous 84 track selection of US R&B favourites from the early Jamaican sound system scene

Eagerly-awaited sequel to the highly popular Jumping The Shuffle Blues and Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You compilations

A fascinating insight into the sounds that shaped early reggae (many tracks were subsequently covered by Jamaican artists)

Will appeal to reggae and R&B collectors alike


1. Caldonia (Louis Jordan)
2. Twelve Minutes To Go (Illinois Jacquet)
3. Ten Toes (Joe Liggins)
4. Fan Your Fanny Blues (Harold Tinsley)
5. Hello (Sherman Williams)
6. Kidney Stew Blues (Eddie Vinson)
7. Cain River Blues (Jimmy Witherspoon)
8. Lone Gone (Part 2) (Sonny Thompson)
9. Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (Roy Milton)
10. Roll ’Em (Joe Liggins)
11. Oo-Wee Baby Gee (Sherman Williams)
12. Have You Got The Gumption (Louis Jordan)
13. Half Awoke (Percy Mayfield)
14. The Fish (Part 2) (Sonny Thompson)
15. For You, My Love (Larry Darnell)
16. If It’s So Baby (The Robins)
17. Mary Is Fine (Clarence Gatemouth Brown)
18. You’ve Been Fiddlin’ Around (King Tut)
19. Bess’s Boogie (Bobby Smith)
20. Growing Old (Smiley Lewis)
21. Boogie Rambler (Clarence Gatemouth Brown)
22. Teardrops From My Eyes (Ruth Brown)
23. Show Me How (You Milk The Cow) (Louis Jordan)
24. Rhythm In The Barnyard (Parts 1 and 2) (Joe Liggins)
25. All That Wine Is Gone (Jay McNeely)
26. Blow, Lynn, Blow (Lynn Hope)
27. Don’t You Know I Love You (The Clovers)


1. Ammons Boogie (Gene Ammons)
2. They Were Right (Joe Fritz)
3. When The Wagon Comes (Billy Wright)
4. I Found That Woman (Jimmy McCracklin)
5. Call Me Daddy (Dimples Harris)
6. Comin’ Home (The Griffin Brothers)
7. Real Fine Girl (Joe Papoose Fritz)
8. Long Time Baby (Little Caesar)
9. Middle Of The Night (The Clovers)
10. Please Don’t Leave Me (Fats Domino)
11. Baby (Shirley & Lee)
12. Let’s Have A Party (Amos Milburn)
13. Big Foot May (Hal Paige)
14. Let’s Make A Whole Lot Of Love (The Dodgers)
15. Crazy ’Bout You Baby (Lester Williams)
16. Talking That Talk (Jimmy Liggins)
17. Burley Cutie (Johnny Ace)
18. Second Floor Rear (Tiny Grimes)
19. Poison Ivy (Willie Mabon)
20. Jumpin’ From Six To Six (Jimmy Wilson)
21. Hey Senorita (The Penguins)
22. Oh, What A Smile Can Do (Buddy Griffin with Claudia Swann)
23. My Baby Dearest Darling (The Charms)
24. Nite Owl (Tony Allen and The Champs)
25. The Chicken (Dance With You) (Rosco Gordon)
26. Miss Selma’s Boogie (The Lollypoppers)
27. So Many Ways (Varetta Dillard)
28. Here I’m Is (Chuck Higgins)
29. My Baby Likes To Shuffle (Alonzo Scales)


1. What’Cha Gonna Do (Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters)
2. Don’t Do It (The Penguins)
3. One Night (Smiley Lewis)
4. The Girl In My Dreams (The Cliques)
5. In Paradise (The Cookies)
6. Pushbutton Automobile (Vernon Green and The Medallions)
7. Gambling Woman (Chuck Higgins)
8. Hey Joe (Let Me Know) (Sugar and Spice)
9. That’s What I’ll Do (Shirley and Lee)
10. You’re Mine Oh Mine (Bobbie and Ronald)
11. Queen Of Hearts (Smiley Lewis)
12. 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days (Louis Prima)
13. No Buts - No Maybes (Professor Longhair)
14. Sick And Tired (Chris Kenner)
15. Just Because (Lloyd Price)
16. The Vow (Gene and Eunice)
17. Indian Love Call (Ernie Freeman)
18. Boo Da Ba (Bill Doggett)
19. Mimi Girl (The Howards)
20. High Blood Pressure (Huey Piano Smith)
21. Mama Julie (Terry and Jerry)
22. Cuttin’ Out (Professor Longhair)
23. I Was Wrong (Bobby Davis)
24. Piano Shuffle (Dave Baby Cortez)
25. Be My Guest (Fats Domino)
26. Pipe Dreams (Jimmy Beck)
27. C.C. Rider (Wilbert Harrison)
28. Big Daddy (The Merri-Men)

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