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With Elvis away doing Uncle Sam’s bidding, by 1958 the prospects for rock ’n’ roll were looking decidedly bleak. The void left by his departure meant the charts were suddenly awash with pretty boy pretenders to Presley’s crown, purveyors of a new clean-cut, sanitised-for-your-protection sound that wouldn’t frighten the horses and yet still had enough teen appeal to keep the airwaves hummin’ and malt shops hoppin’. Gone was The King’s edgy threat and in its place string-sweetened melodies and girl-next-door lyrics. While some may have OD’d on sugar, our snappy sixty have retained their charm and made pop idols of many of the performers.

Featuring some of the biggest names of the pre-British Invasion era, the Lucky Parker-compiled 2CD set Teen Dreams includes hits from one-time rockabilly Johnny Burnette swapping primal yelps for swooping strings, Gidget heart-throb James Darren, American Bandstand idols Fabian, Bobby Rydell and Frankie Avalon, pop princess Connie Francis, former Mouseketeer and beach party icon Annette, Joanie Sommers (77 Sunset Strip) and Hawaiian Eye’s Connie Stevens, together with a wealth of lesser-heard teeners: Jimmy Beaumont, Dick Glasser, Barry Mann, The Casals, Bobby Curtola and Presley soundalike Ral Donner.

Also included is an early offering from Gene Pitney and Ginny Arnell (as Jamie & Jane) together with the original versions of two songs covered by Blighty’s own Billy Fury, “A Fool’s Memory” aka “Running Around” (Ricky Shaw) and “A King For Tonight” (Barry Darvell), plus Linda Scott’s charming cover of “A Thousand Stars”, also a hit for Fury in 1960. Recollecting those carefree days of high school rings and letter sweaters, Shelley Fabares, Johnny Tillotson, Paul & Paula and Jerry Keller complement our selection with four chart-topping singles.

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Comprises 60 original US Teen Pop recordings from 1959-1962
Includes 29 US Top 20 hits (including two US and two UK No.1s) alongside tracks hard-to-find on CD
Full colour 20pp booklet with informative liner notes by Lucky Parker

Disc 1
1. You’re Sixteen (Johnny Burnette) [US Pop # 8 / UK # 3]
2. Kissin’ On The Phone (Paul Anka) [US Pop #19]
3. Aladdin (Bobby Curtola) [US Pop #92]
4. Bobby’s Girl (Marcie Blane) [US Pop # 3]
5. Rubber Ball (Bobby Vee) [US Pop # 6 / UK # 4]
6. Find Another Fool (Barry Mann)
7. On The Street Of Tears (The Castells)
8. Sixteen Reasons (Connie Stevens) [US Pop # 3 / UK # 9]
9. First Name Initial (Annette) [US Pop #20]
10. Just Ask Your Heart (Frankie Avalon) [US Pop # 7]
11. Snuggle Up Baby (Jamie and Jane)
12. A Fool’s Memory (Ricky Shaw)
13. School Of Heartbreakers (Ral Donner)
14. (He’s) The Great Impostor (The Fleetwoods) [US Pop #30]
15. Here Comes That Feeling (Brenda Lee) [US Pop #89 / UK # 5]
16. Johnny Get Angry (Joannie Sommers) [US Pop # 7]
17. Sealed With A Kiss (Brian Hyland) [US Pop # 3 / UK # 3]
18. Where The Boys Are (Connie Francis) [US Pop # 4]
19. The Pain Is Here (Dick Lory)
20. Teacher Crush (The Casals)
21. Swingin’ School (Bobby Rydell) [US Pop # 5 / UK #44]
22. Conscience (James Darren) [US Pop #11]
23. Poetry In Motion (Johnny Tillotson) [US Pop # 2 / UK # 1]
24. Girls, Girls, Girls (Made To Love) (Eddie Hodges) [US Pop #14 / UK #37]
25. Dawning (Jay and The Americans)
26. Telephone (Won’t You Ring) (Shelley Fabares) [bubbled under US Pop #109]
27. Just A Piece Of Paper (Bobby Comstock)
28. Wonderful Dream (The Majors) [US Pop #22]
29. About This Thing Called Love (Fabian) [US Pop #31]
30. Here Comes Summer (Jerry Keller) [US Pop #14 / UK # 1]

Disc 2
1. Vacation (Connie Francis) [US Pop # 9 / UK #10]
2. She Can’t Find Her Keys (Paul Peterson) [US Pop #19]
3. Why’d You Wanna Make Me Cry (Connie Stevens) [US Pop #52]
4. She’s Everything (I Wanted You To Be) (Ral Donner) [US Pop #18]
5. A King For Tonight (Barry Darvell)
6. Sacred (The Castells) [US Pop #20]
7. O Dio Mio (Annette) [US Pop #10]
8. Johnny Angel (Shelley Fabares) [US Pop # 1 / UK #41]
9. Please Don’t Ask About Barbara (Bobby Vee) [US Pop #15 / UK #29]
10. When The Boys Get Together (Joannie Sommers) [US Pop #94]
11. What Am I To Do (The Paris Sisters)
12. The Quiet Look (Thomas Wayne)
13. Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day (The Fleetwoods) [US Pop #36]
14. That Someone Should Be Me (Johnny Rivers)
15. Poor Me (Chip Fisher)
16. (Meet Me) After School (Tony Rossini)
17. Dreams Of A Fool (Jimmy Clanton)
18. Heartaches Over You (Dick Glasser)
19. Teach Me Tiger (April Stevens) [US Pop #86]
20. Rumors (Johnny Crawford) [US Pop #12]
21. Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) (The Impalas) [US Pop # 2 / UK #28]
22. Good Time Baby (Bobby Rydell) [US Pop #11 / UK #42]
23. Palisades Park (Freddy Cannon) [US Pop # 3 / UK #20]
24. I’m Still Dreamin’ (Johnny Burnette)
25. Pretty Blue Eyes (Steve Lawrence) [US Pop # 9]
26. A Thousand Stars (Linda Scott)
27. You Know You Belong To Somebody Else (Fabian)
28. I Wish That We Were Married (Ronnie and The Hi-Lites) [US Pop #16]
29. Hey Paula (Paul and Paula) [US Pop # 1]
30. The End Of A Story (Jimmy Beaumont) Erhältlich ab 14.03.2014

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