Various / Poppsaga – Iceland’s Pop Scene 1972-1977

Image: 1587159 Auf Cherry Red Records erscheint jetzt die 70s-Pop-Compilation "Poppsaga - Iceland's Pop Scene 1972 - 1977".

For the first-time ever, beyond its rocky shores, Poppsaga reveals the music the Sugarcubes generation grew up with. This is the story of Iceland’s pop scene before the outside world discovered its unique twist on music.

From the pure, Beatle-esque pop of Pelican to the glam-rock of Change, from the disco-influenced Poker to the yearning intimacy of Jóhann G. Jóhannssonn, Poppsaga collects music which would have entranced the world if the dice had rolled differently.

In the 70s, Iceland wanted to be heard by the outside world: Pelican recorded in and toured America, Change recorded in London and had a British release, Jóhann G. Jóhannsson recorded at London’s legendary Olympic Studios with Madeline Bell and ex-Jeff Beck drummer Micky Waller. Finally, these Icelandic artists are receiving the exposure they deserved.

Poppsaga includes special liner notes by Icelandic music expert and host of the country’s television pop quiz Dr. Gunni – Gunnar Lárus Hjálmarsson – also the author of Stuð Vors lands, the definitive history of Iceland's music which, as Blue Eyed Pop, became the first book in English on the subject. Erhältlich ab 14.03.2014

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