Paul Lamb & The King Snakes – Hole In The Wall

Image: 1589450 "Hole In The Wall" heißt das neue Studio-Album des britischen Blues-Harp-Virtuosen Paul Lamb, ein vibrierendes Album mit selbst geschriebenen Songs und ein paar Standards von Künstlern wie Elmore James, Smokey Robininson und anderen. Mit ihrer Mischung aus traditionellem Blues, R& B und Roots-Rock gelten Paul Lamb & The King Snakes heute weltweit als eine der feinsten Rhythm & Blues Groups.

"This is Blues harp as good as it gets" - Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits
"Paul Lamb & the King Snakes are true torch bearers for the British Blues scene & long may they prosper" - Blues in the North West
"Paul Lamb is a player of tremendous depth, able to switch from one style to another with effortless ease, truly world class" - Rick Webb, Blues in the South magazine
"You just have to stand back and admire the sheer brilliance of their musicianship" - Blues & Rhythm Magazine
"Paul Lamb & the King Snakes is a band that knows how to use their dynamic range ... to the full effect" - Folk Roots Magazine
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