Snutjävel – Aldrig I Helvete


Snutjävel is a punk band from Falköping, Sweden, which since 2004 almost always only worked with cassettes and vinyl records. They have refused all that the modern music industry sees as a must. But…

- "2011 is the year we are doing everything we promised never to do", says the band in an interview.

Just like the Swedish punk band Asta Kask once released”Aldrig en LP” just to mess with themselves, is now Snutjävel releasing ”Aldrig i Helvete” on CD. As the history is told Asta Kask promised, back in the days, that they never gonna do a full-length album and the rest is history - Snutjävel going in the same footsteps now and release a full-length CD.
A compilation CD of the band's last three vinyl EPs "Eran stad / Våran Verklighet" 2007, "Falköping Hardcore" 2007 and " Ett Liv i Panik " in 2009, the CD-single "Punksvin" in 2009 and the newly recorded "Hjärndöd”.

Have the small-town heroes sold their soul? Is Swedish punk dead?
No and again NO!

Here are 18 tracks Swedish HC-punk that proves that the Swedish punk scene is more vital than never!


1. Levande Musik
2. Falköping Hardcore
3. Punksvin
4. Hjärndöd
5. Panik
6. Zombie
7 Monstret
8. Din tur att dö
9. Franz
10. Du Är Död
11. Basebollattack
12. Liten Skit
13. Skjut dom Jävlarna
14. Allaballakillarsklubb
15. Maskerad Piketpolis
16. Punksvin (original)
17. Eran Stad/Våran verklighet
18. Snutsvin
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