Hickoids – Kicking It With The Twits

Image: 1589856 The first vinyl release from Saustex Media, a collection of covers written by British Rock acts that harkens back the era when records were THE format. On Kicking It With The Twits, the pioneering cowpunk band show another side that's just as important to their style as the C&W they delightfully twist and debauch. And one key factor in that approach was how U. K. acts took American born rock 'n' roll and added their own elements of rebellion, glamour, sleaze, sexuality, perversity and musical potency. This eight-song mini-album takes songs by original British invaders The Rolling Stones and The Who, glam era stars like Slade, Brian Eno and Mott The Hoople as well as cult heroes The Move along with punk originators The Damned and the inimitable Sir Elton and dress them up in Hickoids drag to create a simmering, slamming and, yeah, kicking slab of transatlantic rocking. Among the 8 tasty tunes are Elton John's Bennie & The Jets, The Move's Brontosaurus, The Who's Pictures Of Lily, and the Stones' Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadows? (done with Tex-Mex flair, no less).

Hell, let’s just cut to the chase right at the outset. The Hickoids defy easy and neat description, or even messy description, though “messy” was often applied to the band’s members and their shamelessly uninhibited punk rock run for the wilted Texas yellow roses from 1985 through ‘92 — one of the mildest descriptions, in fact. The tags hung around their scrawny and unruly necks like name and number slates in arrest photos include but are hardly limited to cowpunk, white thrash, glambilly, hard-corn, psychobilly, hick rock, acidbilly and out on bail. All in a way apply, but none and even the sum of those terms do these magnificent musical reprobates full justice.

1. Pictures of Lily
2. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
3. Brontosaurus
4. Gudbuy T' Jane
5. Bennie & The Jets
6. Whizz Kid
7. Needles In The Camel's Eye
8. Neat, Neat, Neat Erhältlich ab 30.05.2014
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