Snutjävel – Allt Ert Är Vart!

Image: 1590441 Upload, download, explosive charge. What's up and what's down and how the hell to survive in a world that never will be the same again? "I hate your childhood, I hate your life!" - Snutjävel are angry! After that the band last year released the compilation CD they promised never to let go, here is further proof that the music scene is fucked up forever.

The new MCD "Allt Ert är Vårt" clocks in at 16min. Here you have six brand new tracks, two new recordings and a cover of the classic Sonics, who breathe frustration and hate, yet want to change and improve.

Snutjävel simply continues to deliver uncompromising songs, just as they have done since the start in 2004.

Is it a cliche to say that the band now sounds more dynamic and varied than ever. And would you even want that? The band don't give a toss of what you think and do their own thing anyway.

This is Swedish hardcore year 2012. Snutjävel themselves say that this is the "record of the year", but does it really make history the same year as Refused reunited and the music world stopped spinning ... Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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