President Fetch – Cruel Beats…Gently Slumbering

Image: 1590452 Here you have it: the Danish rock album of 2007

To say that President Fetch is an institution in Danish punkrock is a gross understatement! This
year, the Copenhagen boys celebrate their 20th anniversary with their 3rd album, "Cruel
Beats...Gently Slumbering", their first in 14 years. And they've never sounded more vital and
fresh than now, slaying every competition on stages around the country. And believe me, I see
close to 300 bands every year, but only a handful comes close to rival the live phenomenon that
is President Fetch!

A lotta youngsters who never saw the band were in for a surprise last year (2006) at Gutter
Island Festival, where President Fetch showed everyone who the undisputed rulers of Danish
punkrock are! One could say the band is in their 3rd phase, music-wise, with wildman Molle as
frontman and crazed energizer bunny. This phase is the one that takes no prisoners!

Like good wine, the boys have aged gracefully and, by some ungodly influence, they seem more
fit than any 18 year old hardcore kid. I don't know if they sold their souls to Beelzebub, but the
3 tracks on "Cruel Beats...Gently Slumbering" perfectly capture the energy of their legendary
live performances, quite an accomplishment.

To these ears, the album combines 3 of my favorite albums of all time, "Feel The Darkness"
(Poison Idea), "Let There Be Rock" (AC/DC) and Turbonegro's "Ass Cobra". Hardcore/punkrock,
rock'n'roll and hardrock all united in a sonic mushroom cloud packed with hearts, guts, balls and
a swagger that only comes from perfecting your craft through decades of hard-earned r'n'r cred!

Guest musicians include some well-respected peers from Baby Woodrose and OnTrial.


1. Victimized
2. Super Heroine Blonde
3. Penemal Liberation
4. Give Blood, Cecline
5. Gestalt
6. Kick Out The Jams
7. Gomel
8. Bar
9. Dancing With The Blue-Eyed One
10. Primo's Number
11. Pour The Liquer
12. Neo Fetch
13. Sometimes You're Making It Hard For Yourself Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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