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Image: 1590454 Projekt Ekan, with members from seminal swedish punk bands Suicide Syndicate & CDCP, debut album is OUT NOW on LP.

The 12' vinyl is limited to 250 copies on red colored vinyl with free download code and includes the single "Köpenhamn" and 13 other swedish punk anthems!

As the financial crises took its turn and the whip of economic pressure threatened, and when the frustration and anxiety spread among the people on the streets, Subcomandante Ekan quit his job and went on a european tour with one of his bands. Back home in his apartment in the projects of Malmö unemployed and worn out he suddenly had a handful of new songs.

Down at the rehearsal place he gathered his closest friends who he creates music with, and during nights of mist seen through the fumes of alcohol a musical project appeared. As the songs started to take its shape bass player ENG started to record all sounds and noise they made during these nights.

And what started as an escape from the misery of everyday life to keep themselves warm, ended with a full album worth of song material. A full-length album which screams D.I.Y with a stench of alcohol!

Side A
1. Förortsvit
2. Köpenhamn
3. Full Som Fan
4. To Have And To Have Not
5. Frihetssång
6. Virkat Motsånd
7. Skitliv
8. Hipster

Side B
1. Jag Hatar Snuten
2. Missfall
3. Snapphanesoldat
4. Folket Vill Att Regimen Faller
5. I Shot The Sheriff
6. Dra Åt Helvete Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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