Ramshackle Army – Letters From The Road Less Travelled

Image: 1590455 Melbourne Australia’s Celtic punks The Ramshackle Army have announced the details of their debut full length album Letters From The Road Less Travelled.

Since the release of their last recording, 2011’s independent EP “Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions”, the band have toured extensively up the East Coast of Australia and over to the US. Long overdue for a new release, the band feel they have assembled a list of songs equal parts diverse and decisively representative of The RSA.

2013 was full of ups and downs for the RSA camp, with successful trips to Port Fairy Folk Festival and a St Patricks Day run, but also with the departure of founding member and banjo/mandolin player Loc Kibell. Now once again whole, after the addition of Josh Aveling, the band are excited to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

The album entitled “Letters From The Road Less Travelled” contains a list of tracks inspired by local Australian tales, the band’s own road experiences, and current societal events. Sounds from the album draw inspiration from the same Celtic and Folk genres which have flowed through previous recordings, but with a noticeably more punk rock base identified by loud sing-alongs and big harmonies.

Anchors Aweigh 3:44
Coffin & Copper 2:43
Boilermakers 3:42
Road Less Travelled 3:37
Broken Town 2:38
Lockdown 4:06
Broken White Lines 4:02
Drink it Dry 4:17
Skin Will Burn 3:56
Signs of Rain 3:37
One Tree Hill 3.48 Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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