Screamin’ Eric – Shake It!


On September 12th 2005 HepTown Records will release the long-awaited new album of Danish garage-rock’n’roll combo SCREAMIN’ ERIC entitled “Shake It”. After the critics-acclaimed last album “Freak Show”, released in November of 2003, SCREAMIN’ ERIC will this time present an album with more diversified songs and a broader sound – all produced by Ralph Rjeily and Sean Merricci.

SCREAMIN’ ERIC’s new album is once more filled with catchy songs played with shitloads of energy. But whereas the predecessor “Freak Show” was more one-dimensional in it’s sound and style, “Shake It” presents a broader selection of songs rooted in mid-sixties garage rock and soul stomp, punk rock of the late seventies and a touch of delta blues, mixed together to make contemporary but yet old-fashioned sing-along rock’n’roll. This is an album that kicks rock bands of the very land of mediocrity in the balls with it’s uncomplicated straightforwardness.

SCREAMIN’ ERIC made Lorenzo Woodrose of Baby Woodrose and Martin Budde of The Defectors participate in the making of this album, respectively laying down tracks with backing vocals/percussion and organ on a number of songs on “Shake It” – all with great result. The title song got it’s last finish from the backing vocals of Lorenzo, and it’s impossible not to yell along with the chorus of that song…

1. I Couldn't Care Less
2. Drive You Home
3. I Love It, I've Had It
4. Trailer Camp Blues
5. My Brain Is Gone
6. I'm A Fool
7. Shake It!
8. What's Wrong With You
9. Bad Boogeyman
10. She's So Pretty
11. Won't Let You Out Of My Sight
12. Little Girl Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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