Tom Vek – Luck (LP+CD)

Image: 1589533 We’re pleased to report that TOM VEK is set to release a brand new album on June 6th. As ever, Vek delivers an album that eludes straightforward definition. The ‘garage rock for the pro-tools generation’ as he puts it, is alive and well, only now it is met with the most ostentatious production and some of the biggest beats of Vek’s career. Just as you want to describe Luck as the sardonic outpouring of a man articulating the disillusionment of a generation, he throws the curve ball of ‘The Girl You Wouldn’t Leave for any Girl’ – an unwieldy title that sits gloriously at odds with the rest of the album. Consisting of one repeated sentence, a vocal and a guitar, the pared down, minimalist achievement artfully encapsulates an age-old story of love. Erhältlich ab 20.06.2014

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