Vervain – Rigshospitalet

Image: 1590373 Vervain – “Two steps forward and one step backwards.”
After having written and rehearsed the material for Rigshospitalet, Vervain played all 12 tracks in clubs all over the south of Sweden. Everywhere they went the audience really appreciated felt the intensity and energy of the group's material performances which led to the decision to go in to the studio.

Vervain have gone a long but not an illogical way to fou¬nd their sound which reaches over the whole punk- and hardcorespectre. All members come from different backgrounds and different periods within the style. Francke from The Mockingbirds, Pär Johansson, CCC, Little Otto - The Parttimers and Nobelkommitén, Chris Steen - The Bratpacks and Jonte from The Headlines. Together they all added an personal and extra touch which led the band to where they are today. 80's hardcore with a lot of 90's-feeling played in the 21'st century!

The album is recorded during the spring of 2009 together with an (according to himself) ”living hardcorelegend” - Tommy Tift from Sista Sekunden.


1. Häxjakt
2. Start over
3. Relate to
4. Tjafsa inte
5. Great expectations
6. Wolfbane
7. Crawling
8. Välkomen in
9. Preludes and nocturnes
10. M.A.S 83
11. 93-96
12. The fall Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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