The Bristles – Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society

THE BRISTLES new album REFLECTIONS OF THE BOURGEOIS SOCIETY is out now, produced by Klas Ideberg from DARKANE!
11 raw punk tracks from the class war and the worst capitalist crisis ever. Banks, yellow unions, employers and many more, all of them receives one's due. The Swedish band The Bristles reunited in 2008. The band has since then released records with their old stuff and one EP with new material, Union Bashing State in 2009. The band has also during this time toured around northern Europe several times.
Say no to racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia and capitalism. Another world is possible. Solidarity!

Svegis – Guitar
Puma - Vocals
Ingmar – Bass
Ray - Drums

1. Checkpoint Sweden
2. A Prayer for the Employer
3. Big Brother Is Watching feat. Jyrki (The Negatives)
4. Brainwashing
5. Weapons of Mass Destruction
6. The Last Laugh (Financial Crises)
7. Them Against Us
8. Porn Drugs Arms (Genocide)
9. Out of Work
10. Justice feat. Neli (Hoogans hjaltar)
11. Illegal Alien feat. Emilush
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