C.A.P.S. – Strip Down & Rebuild

Image: 1590475 After years of being exclusively a live band, C.A.P.S. have finally entered a studio and the world of recording artists to strike us with their debut album Strip Down And Rebuild.

It's not easy to box & label a band such as C.A.P.S. as their garage punk pop has a truly original vein, the album is a series of catchy hits with a raw and raucous primitive groove injected with a taste of the sixties through the sound of a fierce WLM Hit organ.

Strip Down And Rebuild is recorded and mixed by the legendary Ralph Rjelly at Black Tornado Studio and features guest appearances by the créme of Copenhagen's rock'n'roll mini-cosm such as Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose), Hobbiten (On Trial), Marc and Helle Burer as well as Jacob The Ghoul (The Untamed).

As part of the Gearbox Agency roster for years, C.A.P.S. have been sharing stages with grand acts of the likes of Dick Dale, Bob Log III, President Fetch, Skambankt, The Untamed, Gorilla Angreb, Knaughty Knights, Adam West, Subs and Los Retardos, each and every time leaving their ferocious imprint on the crowds. Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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