Fubbix – Utanfor Systemet

Image: 1590495 "Utanför systemet" is Fubbix debut album and it offers a hodgepodge of goodies, a bit of a patchwork, given that it contains material from a broad time period.

Songs from the newly awakened the start of quite recent creations is mixed and shaken on the plate, but it becomes no more real than that.

The band sings in Swedish and plays a melodic, energetic punk rock and the lyrics are about life in general, and Kalle Bagare in particular.

Violence, love, sex, friends, enemies, and television shows discussed in the texts. Inspiration: GBH, Dead Kennedys, Exploited, Asta Kask, Moderal Likvidation, , Motörhead, Toy Dolls, Ramones, Kiss, New York Dolls & Kal P Dal " We are Fubbix and we don't care! One can not imagine a better band name for the collection of fools who constitute the band Fubbix.

Youth is passing the majority of the band, the six-pack is exchanged for a barrel and the second six-pack for diapers, family and (no no no)work.

Lazy, drunk, self-righteous, o-coordinated fools is what we are, but in the end it is probably just what it's all about.

An opportunity to stay free and have the courage to express ourselves. To scream from the throat in the face of a rapturous audience, to play the shit out of our instruments and bodies, to get the mass to run wild and get falling down in a heap on the stage floor sweaty, bloody, but damn happy.

Let the mainstream wait! Well, the band began its career of more than five years ago but due to their inability to get anything done, prevented both each other and themselves from letting the world benefit from the rather crude and o-refined, yet incredibly catchy music actually has the ability to lift itself out.

The music is simple punk, dirty punk, punk rock as we remember it ... but do we remember everything??" Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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