Gunhild Carling & The Carling Band – Variete

Image: 1590496 Carling Big Band with Gunhild herself in the forefront is the band that hit knockout on the entire world of music, dancers and audience. There is no band in the whole world that this original orchestra where all the musicians play multiple instruments composes dances and plays to the crowd roar.

The album variety show is a collection of Gunhild Carling Big Band's acclaimed show of the same name from the summer (2013) live performances.

This collection is also called the "Royal Edition" where all the songs from the album were performed in the Swedish king's palace in September-13, when the king was celebrating 40 years as a regent.

This winter Gunhild appears in Christer Sjögrens Christmas Tour 2013 and in early 2014, it's time for the tour with Variety show with Carling Big Band again.

“At the center of this multi-faceted and sometimes circus -like jazz show are
the charismatic and multitalented Gunhild Carling. Her ability to articulate
musical perfect score on just about any instrument is rather sensational.


1. I love you Forever (Gunhild Carling)
2. Million Melodies - One Story (Gunhild Carling)
3. B. Johnson Stomp (Hans Cooling Carling)
4. Lonesome with a sweet melody (Gunhild Carling)
5. Mich grûssen die leuchtenden Sternen (Hans Carling)
6. Panama Rag (Tyers)
7. My Universe (Gunhild Carling)
8. Looser's Weaper (T.Dorsey)
9. Flamingo (T. Groya)
10. Love Letter (Gunhild Carling)
11. Haya Sue Blues (Ellington)
12. Monday Through Sunday (Gunhild Carling)
13. Sophisticated Lady (Ellington)
14. Carolina (Hans Carling) Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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