Java Skull – The Devil’s Looking For You EP

Image: 1590506 Smoke-Filled Swinging Burlesque Blues-Trash

Java Skull will drag you into a smoke-filled room, where an ancient love for slow blues riffs and raw power always will flourish. The band is Marco Burro and Uncle Jakob, who know their garage rock like the back of their hands, which is obvious on every track they share.
Cool as a mother f…..singer Marco howls and whispers about evil women, deceit and decay, while rim shot grooves from drummer Uncle Jakob underline the many moods of the duo’s swinging burlesque Blues-Trash.

Java Skull founded after the break-up of The Untamed in 2012, and have already played tours in Finland and Sweden, played the Gutter Island Garagerock Festival, and recorded their debut album to be released 2013 on Heptown Records.

With healthy sources of inspiration, like Tom Waits and The Cramps, the band embraces old virtues of simple and effective song writing, power over perfectionism, and most of all: no bullshit, just music.

HEPTOWN RECORDS bring you the new Java Skull 10’’ inch vinyl album "The Devil's Looking For You”. Eight songs recorded and mixed by Alioscha Brito-Egana at Kizio Studio, fall 2012. If you're looking for jungle drums, dirty guitar-riffs, songs about liars, cheats, loose women, horrible places, lost love and necessary evils, this is the record for you. Songsmith Mark Burer and his long-time sidekick Uncle Jakob, has yet again delivered a collection of strong songs with catchy hooks and mean riffs.

You know you must have it! If you can't afford to buy it, steal it!


Mark Burer
Uncle Jakob


Side A:

1. Bullshit Blues

2. Gravedigger

3. Velvet Claws

4. Promises

Side B:

1. Oubliette

2. Shithole Hotel

3. The Devil's Looking For You

4. Friendly Fire
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