Lexington Field – No Man’s War

Image: 1590520 SAN DIEGO – American Fiddle Rock band, Lexington Field, announced today they have joined HepTown Records out of Sweden. The distribution deal will be for Lexington Field's new, full-length album No Man’s War, which was officially released on May 28, 2013 on New Folk Records & Blind Eye Records. Release in Europe through Heptown Records at November 1 2013.

Established in 2002 and based out of Lund, Sweden, HepTown Records is one of the leading underground labels of Scandinavia and distributes all throughout Europe. Also on HepTown Records are Celtic Punk heavyweights, Sir Reg, out of Sweden.

"We are excited to work with HepTown Records and have our new album No Man’s War be available to a new audience. It is about time we started to spread American Fiddle Rock throughout Europe. They work with some amazing bands, including Sir Reg, and we hope this is just the first of many albums we can distribute across the Atlantic Ocean with HepTown Records." - Beau Gray, Lead Singer/Guitarist of Lexington Field
Lexington Field is an American Fiddle Rock band from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2009, they have played hundreds of shows across the United States.  In 2011, they released their debut album, Old Dirt Road This was quickly followed by their highly regarded EP, Poor Troubled Life, in 2012.   
Lexington Field embraces the best of North American musical elements such as rock, punk, country, bluegrass, Americana and folk and mixes in a fiddle to capture a unique and memorable sound. Along with their high energy live show, they give their fans an amazing musical experience!


1. Fiddle Fister
2. American Crow
3. Daniel Plainview Has a Drinking Problem
4. Crazy Eyes
5. Fireworks
6. Rest of Our Days
7. Dear Old Friend
8. Variation On Promontory
9. The Chemical Worker’s Song
10. Here’s to You
11. Cursing the Man
12. Pioneer
13. Lady Arlington
14. Tumble Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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