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Image: 1590521 Back-to-basic garage punkrock from Copenhagen
During the spring of 2008 the trio LOCATORS was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although the band is rather new and now releasing their debut album on Swedish Heptown Records, it is composed of members from Danish bands that have toured almost every area of the world, Nekromantix and Gorilla Angreb.
LOCATORS plays stripped down, melodic and back-to-basics punkrock that will appeal to anybody from the young skater, to the punkrocker and garagerock fan, who loves the sound of those early punk bands, such as Ramones, Deadboys and The Stooges.
LOCATORS self titled debut album (Heptown Records) sounds classic and new at the same time. It sounds like everything you already know, but have never heard before! The album consists of 11 explosive but yet catchy punk rock tunes recorded at Copenhagens Black Tornado Studio by Ralph Rjeily.

01 The End Of The World
02 Razorblade
03 Home
04 Mesmerized
05 Vultures
06 Fear
07 Demons Coming My Way
08 Triggerbomb
09 High Today, Dead Tomorrrow
10 No Matter What You Do
11 The Man Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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