Negatives/Vitiators – Switchlight Records Split Vol.1

Image: 1590524 Switchlight Records proudly presents another kick-ass punk rock release from the Swedish shores with the start of a brand new split series.

Starting out with The Negatives (Swe) and Vitiators. Limited to 1000 copies on MCD in digipack cover, the split features four pogo friendly punk rock tracks from each band.

Pulling together the successful lineup from the critically acclaimed third album "At The End Of The Rope" (2007, Bad Dog/Core Tex Records) The Negatives are back stronger than ever! After a short hiatus they've set out to record their 4th album of their own brand of streetwise punkrock starting with the split MCD with fellow Swedish punkrock band The Vitiators The Negatives are a punkrock outfit from Landskrona, Sweden, that got started in 1999 with members from legendary Swedish punk bands The Bristles, Existenz and Skalatones as well as Gypsy Pistoleros.

Their music has been compared to bands like Street Dogs, Dropkick Murphys, Sex Pistols and The Business but still they maintain a fiercely independent sound.

Vitiators, is a punk rock outfit from the south of Sweden with members from the now gone, but not forgotten bands like - CDCP, The Kalashnikov Orchestra and Royal Stakeout.

With razor-sharp guitars, alarming drums and merciless vocals, Vitiators prove they are a band to be reckoned with.

Influenced by such distinguished acts like Motörhead, GBH, Exploited and more - Vitiators will surely leave no one untouched with their furious punk rock assault.
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