Oldfashioned Ideas – Promises Mean Nothing

Image: 1590525 Oldfashioned Ideas are back with a new album!

Switchlight Records proudly presents Oldfashioned Ideas new full-length album “Promises Mean Nothing”. The Swedish power trio are BACK WITH A BANG!.

On their brand new album they deliver sixteen powerful Oi!Punk anthems in a furious pace. As usual its raw hardcore Oi!Punk with gritty vocals and extremly strong melodies we’re talking about . If you liked the debut “We’re In This Shit Together” and the four song EP “Fight Back” the new album will de!netly NOT disappoint!

Oldfashioned Ideas are from the southern parts of Sweden and consist of members from Vindicate this and ex-Skunx United. Formed in 2009, the band has in a quite short amount of time made a name for themselves both in Sweden and the rest of Europe where they have played several gigs in Germany and also Italy.


1. Teambuilding
2. Rejected
3. Backbone
4. Excuses
5. Home Alive
6. View From The Terraces pt.1
7. Give In
8. A Nice Little Pub
9. No Authority
10. Grown Ups
11. Got My Back
12. Time Bomb
13. One More Round
14. View from the Terraces pt. 2
15. The Janitor
16. Ordinary Man
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