The Cremators – The New Breed


Many people thought it might never happen, but now the time has come. The Cremators debut album "The New Breed" is released on HepTown Records and its well worth the wait!

13 songs moving between full-on punkabilly smashers and hard rockabilly, all of it with The Cremators' characteristic sound, topped off with the harsh voice of Lucas Arson

Inspiration is gathered from all kinds of directions. Punkrock, psychobilly, rockabilly, garage rock and country is baked together into a cake that is spiced up with no-nonsense lyrics about life in general and all the sick things people do in particular. In other words, no horrorbilly here, just Flaming hot Rock'n'roll!

Band that inspired the band are: Meteors, Mad Sin, Frantic Flintstones, Coffinshakers, Rezurex, Guana Batz, Klingonz and Johnny Nightmare.

So now waiting for more gigs, more craziness, and even more rock and roll! Just what the band predicted already at their first demo, "The best is yet to come!"

These handsome bastards called The Cremators!


1. Fire
2. The Grace Is Gone
3. Guerilla Beat
4. Naked In The Ghetto
5. Bundy´s Beetle
6. Devil In The Bottle
7. Gamling Fool
8. What Did I Do
9. A Man With A Plan
10. Just Another Psycho Song
11. When Demons Come Around
12. The Real Fucking Horror
13. The New Breed

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