The Men – Four Good Men And True

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THE MEN is a Swedish outfit formed out of already established bands, The Sinners, The Girls, Colubrids and a few more. They got together ten years ago to form the ultimate live-band, explosive, stylish, tight, groovy, cool and fun (No shoegazers!) – a band the members themselves would love to see.
Their third album is recorded at AGM-studios with producer Christoffer Lundquist (Roxette, Gessle, Moneybrother, Brainpool etc). This is guitar-group-style with high three-part-harmony vocals - recorded live in the studio in a typical THE MEN-manner!
Soulful rock-music at its best, simple, honest and melodic songs with guts and love. You just can't afford to miss The Men!

1. Pack Up Your Memories
2. Goodbye Before Too Late
3. Tonight Is Mine
4. Leaving Fairview Park
5. Time To Cry
6. Where The Good Times Go
7. You’d Better Get Back In Line
8. Reflections
9. Slow Fox
10. I’m On Your Mind
11. Love Lost
12. Four Good Men and True

* The third album from this Swedish soulful rockband THE MEN

* Produced by: Christoffer Lundquist (Roxette, Gessle, Moneybrother, Brainpool etc).


* "Sweden’s latest export...this is a rapid fire set of foot stomping party starters"
-Rolling Stone

* "..with "Four Good Men And True", the group have done the smartest Swedish popmusic since Tages' three master albums. This album is a future Classic"
Per Magnusson, ROOTSY Erhältlich ab 13.06.2014

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