Stewart Walker – Ivory Tower Broadcast

Image: 1590672 American (but Berlin based) Stewart Walker returns with his new album release "Ivory Tower Broadcast"!

A quarter century of the same drum machines and basslines turned future music into golden oldies. Visionaries don't make techno based on particular instruments but a set of techniques which can dilate time, implode sound, and confound expectation. Stewart Walker returns after a 6 year retreat to bring his own future sound with “Ivory Tower Broadcast.” The Ivory Tower refers to a cloistered and elitist mental space removed from practical considerations and criticism. It's a perfect metaphor for a music studio: Escape the noise outside and start from nothing but memory. Forget the rules, they're from a long time ago.
Based heavily on live instruments and the scrape and noise of performance, “Ivory Tower Broadcast” tightly controls and contorts the human element and splays it across the timecorrected perfection of sequenced rhythm. Disparate recreations of post-punk basslines and shoegaze guitars are sliced through with “drunken master” scratching inspired by the late great DJ Screw. German zithers and Japanese kotos are plucked and strummed to recall the warm chorus of Appalachian mountain music. The techno is there in the tension and hypnosis of the beat, stripped dry and metronomic to support the luxurious sound . On “Ivory Tower Broadcast” Stewart corrals sounds from different memories and geography and binds them into an emotional experience with rarely seen vision and skill.

Selected Stewart Walker Discography:
1999: Stabiles - Force Inc/Mille Plateaux
2002: Live Extracts - Tresor
2004: Grounded in Existence - Persona
2007: Concentricity - Persona
2011 - Artifacts of the pre-Apocalypse - Son of Cataclysm

Created by Two Gentlemen' seasoned professionals in Lausanne, Switzerland. Home base of Sophie Hunger, Erik Truffaz, The Young Gods & Anna Aaron.

Mundo Recordings is a new label for alternative/indie electronic music. The label will be distributed and promoted worldwide.

Schedule for May 9th 2014, the first release will be american (but Berlin based) Stewart Walker with his "Accidental Still Life EP", followed later this Summer by the "Ivory Tower Broadcast" album.

Stewart has been a fixture on the global club circuit from Tokyo to Berlin, New York to California and all world capitals in between.
Always playing live original music has endeared Stewart to fans who are looking for soul and wisdom in their entertainment.
A step beyond the simplicity of hedonism and personal abandon, Stewart Walker has built a legacy as a techno musician who still believes in the sound of the future.

Also in the pipeline, a new collaboration between Erik Truffaz and Murcof, with a special artwork by Enki Bilal, more info coming soon. Erhältlich ab 26.09.2014
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