Mauricio Maestro – Upside Down

Image: 1569641 Brazilian greats Mauricio Maestro and Nana Vasconcelos finally reconnect on the second part of their five decade psychedelic folk trilogy. Following on from Visions of Dawn - the 1976 acid-folk lost classic - Upside Down stirs up a time when people dared to make remarkable liberated records like this. Nana and guest vocalist Kay Lyra - who completes the present day folk trio - combine floating harmonies and delicate string-led psychedelia. Maestro's moving compositions melt together hypnotising strings with his own darting acoustic guitar and wonderfully languid vocals. The master of percussion Nana Vasconcelos brings an endless concoction of exotic instrumentation to stirring life as mind-bending vocals move in and out of focus. Nana and Mauricio reunite on this modern acoustic masterwork full of simple pleasures.

Mauricio Maestro began his career in vocal quartet Momentoquatro in the late sixties, before he and Nana Vasconcelos became friends as members of the great Luiz Eca's thirteen member band Sagrada Familia. The pair also formed part of Milton Nascimento's Clube De Esquina scene along with Joyce and Marcos Valle. Mauricio Maestro lent his masterful bass playing to Joyce's classic early albums, The Holy Family, played on and produced 'Visions of Dawn' and founded Boca Livre in 1979. Nana Vasconcelos has released more than thirty albums over an epic forty year career that took in spell playing with legendary folk-prog band A Tribo. Vasconcelos is a vocalist and berimbau player of immense quality and displays his percussion skills that saw him named best drummer in the world for eight straight years by US magazine Downbeat.

"On Visions of Dawn I could record for the first time some instrumental and vocal compositions that are a little sample of my production. Now, I'm very proud in having my first solo album released by Far Out. In this new release I have once more the pleasure to work with Brasilian genius of percussion Nana Vasconcelos. He gives colourful rhythm to my compositions. Kay Lyra, a brilliant singer with wonderful crystal voice, gave the female touch I needed to sweeten the sound and a ten strong string orchestra. I had a wonderful time recording at Tenda da Raposa studios in Rio with great engineer David Brinkworth."

Drawing upon forty years of song-writing, experimenting, revolution, travel, friendship and a strong Brazilian heart this record is something only these two Brazilian masters could dream up.


1. Ancient Truth
2. Jungle Bells
3. Horizonte
4. Tango Brasileiro
5. Canto do Paje
6. Todos os Santos
7. Ciclo da Vida
8. Ouvindo Estrelas
9. Quantas Vezes Erhältlich ab 01.01.2015
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