Slum Village – Fantastic Vol.2 (+7inch)

Image: 1594888 Finished in 1998, unreleased until 2000, and featuring
reworked material that dates back to the trio’s earliest
years, Fantastic Vol. 2 is practically a retrospective of
Slum Village’s career. After producer Jay Dee started
working with A Tribe Called Quest, the hip-hop press
was anxious to label this Detroit trio the second
coming of Tribe. In truth, it was something much more
At a time when hip-hop was obsessed with singles,
Slum Village was all about song sketches. At a time
when the public demanded bombast from its artists,
Slum Village embodied introversion and intimacy. At a
time when shiny music was in fashion, Slum Village
made songs cloaked in the dirt and dark mystery of
Fantastic Vol. 2 has indelible beats and stellar raps, but
beyond that, it’s more than anything a master class in
mood. The song structures are often faint, but had the
group worked these sketches into conventional singles
they’d lose the ghostly, sexy, understated vibe that is
this album’s essence. “Players,” “Tell Me,” and “Untitled/
Fantastic” have all since become underground classics.

1. Intro
2. Conant Gardens
3. I Don’t Know
4. Jealousy
5. Climax (Girl Sh**)
6. Hold Tight
7. Tell Me
8. What It’s All About
9. Forth & Back
10. Untitled/Fantastic
11. Get Dis Money
12. Raise It Up
13. Once Upon A Time
14. Players
15. Eyes Up
16. 2U 4U
17. CB4
18. Go Ladies
19. Thelonious
20. Who Are We

Bonus 7” Single:
A1. 2U4U (Instrumental)
B2. Get It Together Erhältlich ab 20.02.2015

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