Liturgy – The Ark Work

Image: 1595213 Liturgy is a Brooklyn-based, self-styled “Transcendental Black Metal” band whose yearning, energetic music exists in an uncanny space between avant rock, black metal, fine art and shamanic ritual. Led by songwriter and conceptual architect Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, who is joined by guitarist Bernard Gann, bassist Tyler Dusenbury and drummer Greg Fox, the band exists as a 21st century total work of art (gesamtkunstwerk): activating divine potencies by means of music and culture even as it underscores the contradictions inherent in such a project during the internet era. Their third full length, The Ark Work, is a quantum leap forward, a radical change in sound that paradoxically sounds more like Liturgy than ever.
The album hums and churns with Hunt-Hendrix’s inventive arrangements - drenched with glockenspiels, bagpipes, strings, ritual chanting, and MIDI horns. It supplements its metal energy with motifs from unlikely, disparate genres, cross-fertilizing hardstyle beats, occult-oriented rap, and the glitched re-sampling of IDM with structures from Medieval sacred music, Romantic classical music, and minimalism. The result is a rich, seething cyber-fantasia that is improbably listenable, conveying the disarming, authentic emotion that is Liturgy’s hallmark - a blend of startling invention, high caliber musicianship, raw energy, and profound, cosmic sadness.
The result is the first true sonic realization of Transcendental Black Metal: a musically cohesive alchemical fusion, an artistically reflexive work of theandery, and a mind-bending album that is as original as it is beautiful.

01. Fanfare
02. Follow
03. Kel Valhaal
04. Follow II
05. Quetzalcoatl
06. Father Vorizen
07. Haelegen
08. Reign Array
09. Vitriol
10. Total War

The Ark Work is the much anticipated followup to Liturgy’s 2011 breakout album Aesthethica
Press confirmed with NPR, Pitchfork, Decibel, SPIN, Modern Drummer, Metal Hammer and more
Liturgy will tour extensively throughout 2015
Liturgy recently appeared with Peter Fonda as their drummer on NBC’s The Blacklist
Deluxe 2xLP version packaged in a gatefold jacket with high gloss varnish on inside panels and spot varnish + debossing on front cover. LPs are pressed on virgin vinyl and housed in artworked inner sleeves with free download coupon. Very limited supply on white vinyl
CD version with 4 page booklet packaged in a 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package with high gloss varnish on inside panels and spot varnish on front cover.
Liturgy have performed at Pitchfork Music Festival, Hopscoth Festival, Primavera, Hellfest, Roskilde, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Orion Music, and Pygmalion Festival
Liturgy have toured with Sleigh Bells, Diplo, and Boris
“Liturgy is a unique heavy metal band that takes a cerebral approach to the form without stinting on any of the force that makes it so potent.” - The Wall Street Journal
“This is music that creates a new history.” - NPR Erhältlich ab 03.04.2015
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