Mark Morriss – The Taste Of Mark Morriss

Image: 1597709 Shortly after an exciting announcement of a Bluetones reunion tour coming this September, Mark Morriss is set to bring you his second solo album released throughAcid Jazz Records.

“The Taste of Mark Morriss” is a covers album which delivers an intimate insight into the Bluetones singers’ eclectic musical tastes, giving listeners an insight into the mind of one of Britain’s finest songwriters.

Featuring covers from The Sisters of Mercy to Madonna,each of these 12 tracks have been picked apart and putback together again with a touch of Mark Morriss flair!

Expect a nostalgic trip down memory lane through fresh new ears.

Key selling points

- Now is a great time for Mark Morriss’ career, as his profile as an artist increases with the recent announcement of The Bluetones tour.

- Album is a collectable item for Bluetones/Mark Morriss fans.

- Bright artwork will have great placement on shelves amongst other records. This sleeve was especially designed with a “Yacht-Rock” vibe.

-Available digitally, on CD and on black or pink vinyl. (Limited to 300 units)
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