Superhumanoids – Do You Feel OK? (Vinyl+MP3)

Image: 1598016 Since their 2013 Innovative Leisure debut ‘Exhibitionists’, LA trio Superhumanoids Sarah Chernoff, Cameron Parker and Max St. John sound like they’ve travelled 30 years forward. Where their first album elicited comparisons to artists from the 1980s, ‘Do You Feel Ok?’ reflects the present in all the power and clarity possible with modern
Lead singer Sarah Chernoff’s vocals are sleek, ethereal, and ignore gravitational limitations. With propulsive drum machines and feathery hooks, the band blends futuristic electronic textures with classic regard for songwriting. Superhumanoids are singular, but their grace at switching between dance music and rock recall similar hybrids, Darkside and Caribou. “In the middle of recording, we went on tour with Erasure and realized that the songs we’d written weren’t achieving the energetic atmosphere we hoped for,” says Max St. John, the band’s synth programmer. “When we got home we made the necessary changes to create that energy. We wrote additional songs,
we sped up tempos, and made changes to the production that we felt were more exciting.”
Do You Feel Ok? is the leap that comes when a band figures out who they are and how to create a sound of their own. It’s fluid, full of movement, and capable of pushing people emotionally. If you’re exhausted from the monotony of Internet consensus and homogenous bands, press play.

1. Anxious In Venice
2. Oh Me I
3. Norwegian Black Metal
4. Touch Me
5. Dull Boy
6. Death Rattle
7. Dada
8. Do You Feel OK?
9. 12 Fingers
10. I Want To Believe
11. Blinking Screens

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• Superhumanoids have been covered in The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Fader, Billboard, NY Times, and more
• "Superhumanoids balance shimmering '80s new wave with sharp-elbowed observations about doubt, love and longing." - Billboard
• For Fans Of: Caribou, Chvrches, Purity Ring, Local Natives, Roxy Music, Erasure, Goldfrapp
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