Gregory Isaacs – Slum In Dub

Image: 1598734 "Slum In Dub" is supposed to be Gregory Isaacs best dub album ever. Originally released in 1978 here it is re-issued as CD with its original cover. Includes Dub versions to tracks from "Cool Ruler", one of Gregory Isaacs' most known albums. Mixed by Prince Jammy at King Tubby's studio. The rhythms are played by Revolutionaries at Channel One. A release in the re-launch series of the classic UK reggae label Burning Sounds.

1. Public Eye's
2. Slum
3. Reform Institution
4. Crofs
5. Tam Tam
6. Aso
7. Nigger
8. Leaving
9. Leggo Beast
10. Embarrassment Erhältlich ab 09.10.2015

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