Michael Prophet – Certify (180 gram)

Image: 1598606 The 1983's Certify album re-issued as heavyweight 180 gram vinyl in its original cover, remastered and linernotes! Re-launch of the classic UK reggae label Burning Sounds.

c r e d i t s
Backing band: High Times Band, The Roots Radics (Track B5)
Recorded and mixed at Channel One Studios, Jamaica
Mixed by Scientist, Soldgie Hamilton (Track B5)
Producer: Henry "Junjo" Lawes
Backing Vocals. The Tamlins
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Photography: David Hendley

Side A
1. 2000 Years
2. Evil Doers
3. Certify
4. Jah Love
Side B
1. World Of Confusion
2. Give I A Try
3. It’s Time
4. Back Off
5. Jah Jah Rain A Fall
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