Wrekmeister Harmonies – Night Of Your Ascension (LP+MP3)

Image: 1600047 Nearly a year in the making, and including a cast of 30 musicians,
J.R. Robinson delivers his towering third album as Wrekmeister
Harmonies entitled Night of Your Ascension. As with previous
Wrekmeister albums, the ensemble is made up of an all-star cast
of musicians from the metal, new music and rock communities.
Musicians include Lee Buford and Chip King from The Body,
Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Cooper Crain
(Cave), Marissa Nadler, Mary Lattimore, Olivia Block, Eric Chaleff
(Bloodiest), Dylan O’Toole and Ron DeFries of Indian, Bruce
Lamont, Sanford Parker (Twilight), Mark Solotroff (Anatomy of
Habit), Solomon Lee Walker, Chris Brokow (Come), and Jaime
Fennelly (Mind Over Mirrors). Robinson has long been fascinated
with those whose habits or actions have set them beyond the reach
of redemption. Through his video art and his music, Robinson
continues to explore humanity’s darkest impulses and society’s
response to them. The death of Father John Goeghan and the life of
Don Carlo Gesualdo were starting points for the two compositions
on his new album.
Robinson has long been pre-occupied with society’s unwanted,
observing the horror of their acts while trying to identify with their
conflict. Why do we gawk at those ravaged by violence or mental
illness? Why do we turn a blind eye to the unspeakable barbarity
committed by “civilized” nations? Night of Your Ascension is
a commentary on our own fascination with bloodlust and our
seemingly insatiable appetite for lurid depictions of depravity. The
music on Night of Your Ascension is as hauntingly beautiful as it is
brutal, the questions it provokes are weighty.

Night of Your Ascension features J.R. Robinson joined by
The Body, Mary Lattimore, Marissa Nadler, Olivia Block,
and members of Einsturzende Neubauten, Morrissey, Cave,
Disappears, Bloodiest, Indian, Twilight, Corrections House,
Anatomy of Habit, Come, and Mind Over Mirrors
Wrekmeister Harmonies’ pastoral doom has earned praise
from Pitchfork, Vice, SPIN, Decibel, Invisible Oranges, CVLT
Nation, and The Quietus as a new form of metal composition
and performance involving a wide variety of instrumentation
Wrekmeister Harmonies will tour throughout December with
Bell Witch (Profound Lore). Bell Witch will also serve as
Wrekmeister’s band on these dates
First 500 copies pressed on white vinyl with free download
card. CD version in 4 panel mini-LP style package
Wrekmeister Harmonies has toured with Corrections House,
Slint, Grails, and Woven Hand
Album photography and design by David Yow (The Jesus
“nothing short of a vast sonic landscape from the bleakest
stretches of ambiance to the highest peaks of gorgeously
challenging heavy music” - Steel For Brains
“a roiling blend of drone, funeral doom, and black metal that
grows to Olympian heights” - Stereogum
“Robinson’s triumph is maintaining the sonic extremes for
as long as he does” - Exclaim
“the sound of a descent into madness, though menacingly
controlled at every turn” - Consequence of Sound Erhältlich ab 13.11.2015
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