Various / Escape In Time – Popular British Television Themes Of The 1960’s

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Escape in Time comprises musical themes from some of the most extraordinary and enduring British television programmes of the 1960s

This was an exciting period of innovation, when the medium was thrillingly new and malleable, before television's artistic boundaries, its aesthetic criteria, had been established.

Adventure series like The Avengers, Danger Man, The Saint and The Prisoner came both to symbolise the 1960s and reflect its preoccupations... affluence, espionage, the sexual revolution. Patrick McGoohan's monumental political allegory, The Prisoner brought subversion and surrealism into the home in breath-taking fantasy style which continues to speak to us.

Remarkably, some aspects of the Prisoner were actually anticipated by Anthony Newley's avant-garde comic odyssey, The Strange World of Gurney Slade, another ground-breaking production that created an indelible impression upon anyone who saw it.

The Avengers also became a British TV institution, evolving through the first half of the decade from film noir detective drama to a series that came to mirror the very sixties interactions between modernity and tradition. Johny Dankworth's suitably dapper original theme is included here, along with Edwin Astley's raucous music for Danger Man and The Saint, alongside such singular motifs as Juke Box Jury, What The Papers Say, Monty Python's Flying Circus and Geoff Love's adaptation of Eric Spear's theme - originally entitled Lancashire Blues - for Coronation Street.
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