Ian Felice – In The Kingdom Of Dreams (Loose Music)

Ian FeliceIan Felice, Sänger der Felice Brothers, kündigt sein mit Spannung erwartetes Solo-Debüt via Loose Music an. Das Album wurde in Palenville, NY aufgenommen, wo Ian seine Kindheit verbrachte. Zudem zeichnet sich sein Bruder Simone Felice für die Produktion verantwortlich und unterstützt musikalisch am Schlagzeug. Mit James Felice am Keyboard und Josh Rawson am Bass wirkt hier das ursprüngliche Felice Brothers Line-up bei Ians Debüt mit. In vielerlei Hinsicht ein sehr persönliches Album und nicht nur für Fans der Felice Brothers ein Highlight!

Ian sagt selbst dazu: “When I began writing the songs that would become In The Kingdom Of My Dreams many were based on memories of my past but not necessarily all literal or in a logical sequence. I became interested in the pull between reality and unreality and also in how time affects memory. By the end of 2016 I was run down from touring America, riding out the storm of political mania and juggling a few personal dilemmas (including the revelation that I would soon be a father). The Kingdom Of Dreams became a place where I could escape from the numbing flood of data that permeates modern life and try to unravel pieces of my past, rearrange memories with dreams or lines from my imagination and construct something that functioned outside the limits of reality. Many of the songs deal with childhood memories of Palenville and its people, like the song ‘In Memoriam’ which is partly about the death of my stepfather when I was 8, ‘Water Street’ that confronts my fears of becoming a father, or ’21st Century’ that deals with mental illness and politics on a more universal level (…) The result is a pretty reflective record that hopefully blows some cobwebs from the window of my psyche. Many of the things that I was writing at the time didn’t work as songs and so I published a companion book of poetry, Hotel Swampland.”



01. In The Kingdom Of Dreams
02. Will I Ever Reach Laredo
03. 21st Century
04. In Memoriam
05. Signs Of Despair
06. Mt. Despair
07. Road To America
08. Water Street
09. Ten To One
10. In The Final Reckoning

Das Album Ian FeliceIn The Kingdom Of Dreams” (Loose Music) erscheint am 25.08.2017.

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