Al Campbell – Rainy Days (180 Gram)

Image: 1610680 Wiederveröffentlichung von Al Campbell’s “Rainy Days” Album aus dem Jahre 1978 produziert von Hugh Brown. Band Line-up: Robbie Shakespeare, Ranchie McLean – Bass, Sly Dunbar – Drums, Ranchie McLean, Bingy Bunny, Boo Bpeep – Rhythm, Glady Anderson, Winston Wright – Piano, Ansel Collins, Winston Wright – Organ, Sticky, Skully, Sky Juice, Barnabas – Percussion, Skully – Bongo, Tommy McCook, Hedley Bennet, Bobby Ellis – Horns, Rad Duggie Bryan, Ranchie McLean – Lead Guitar

1. Give The People
2. Words Of Wisdom
3. You’ve Got Soul
4. Don’t Cry
5. Rainy Days
6. I Want You Around
7. Never Let You Down
8. When Spring Is Around
9. My Whole World Erhältlich ab 01.12.2017

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