Leroy Hutson – Anthology 1972 – 1984 (2LP+MP3)

Image: 1611340 Tracklist
A1 Cool Out
A2 All Because of You
A3 Don’t It Make You Feel Good
A4 Love the Feeling
A5 Positive Forces

B1 Lucky Fellow
B2 Never Know What You Can Do (Give It a Try)
B3 Love Oh Love
B4 Ella Weez
B5 Could This Be Love

C1 So In Love With You
C2 I Think I’m Falling In Love
C3 Closer To the Source
C4 Give This Love a Try
C5 Right or Wrong

D1 Now That I Found You
D2 Get To This (You’ll Get To Me)
D3 Lover’s Holiday
D4 Time Brings On a Change Erhältlich ab 20.10.2017

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