Mike Brooks + Mikie Brooks & Roots Radics – What A Gathering / One Love

Image: 1611101 Zwei Alben zum ersten Mal auf einer CD vereint, inklusive umfangreicher Liner Notes. “What a Gathering” wurde 1976 bei Channel One aufgenommen und von Jah Lloyd produziert. “One Love” wurde 1983 bei King Tubby’s aufgenommen und von Mike Brooks produziert.

Two great albums on one CD for the first time with 16-page booklet and extensive linernotes by John Masouri. “What A Gathering” is album from1976 recorded at Channel One and produced by Jah Lloyd, and “One Love” is the album from 1983 recorded with the Roots Radics at King Tubby’s and mixed at Channel One and is the singers own production.

Mike Brooks aka Mikey Brooks, Prince Michael (born Edmund Brooks, 1953, Westmoreland, Jamaica) is a reggae singer whose career stretches back to the early 1970s. Brooks performed regularly at the ‘Idler’s Rest’ on Chancery Lane in Kingston, and landed a job at Channel One Studios building rhythms with the group Skin Flesh & Bone. His first record release was with the group The Tots (who also included Norris Reid and in Brooks’ words ‘a guy called Tony’), who released a single in 1975 called “Earth Is The Fullness”, recorded at Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark studio, and released on Brooks’ Harvest label. The band was not successful, but Brooks would often contribute to recording sessions at the Black Ark organized by Jah Lloyd. Brooks re-emerged as a solo singer in the mid-1970s, working with producers such as Alvin Ranglin, and achieving hits with singles such as “Guiding Star” (1977), “Come Sister Love”, “Grooving”, “Open The Door”, and “What a Gathering”. He also recorded the combination single “Who Have Eyes To See” with Prince Far I. He moved to the United Kingdom, and joined the British Reggae Artists Against Famine Appeal, singing on the “Let’s Make Africa Green Again” charity single. In 1990 he recorded an album with Glen Brown, and followed it in 1995 with Hardcore Lover, an album on which he was joined by Delroy Wilson and Pat Kelly. Brooks also worked as a producer, and along with Jah Lloyd, set up his own ‘Teams’ label in the late 1970s.

“What A Gathering”
1. You Never Know
2. Love Won’t Come Easy
3. Never Give Up
4. Far Away Land
5. Somebody’s Stolen My Girl
6. Oh Oh Natty Dread
7. Fighting Your Brethren
8. Woman Of Assylum
9. What A Gathering
“One Love”
10. Grooving
11. Sensie Man
12. Mother-In-Law
13. Love On the Highway
14. A Man Is King
15. No War Over Woman
16. Lovely
17. One Hear One
18. Lover’s Street
19. Complicated Love Erhältlich ab 29.09.2017

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