Nosaj Thing – Parallels (LP+MP3)

Image: 1610528 Parallels is the fourth full album released under Jason Chung’s distinctive moniker, Nosaj
Thing. Masterfully dimensional, Parallels represents the acclaimed Los Angeles-based
electronic producer/composer/performer’s most diverse, vital work yet. As such, Chung
sees Parallels represents a kind of redemptive rebirth. The album’s compellingly elusive,
uncategorizable sonics developed out of what he terms a personal & musical “identity crisis.”
According to Chung, working with a group of collaborators on Parallels that combined both
longtime friends and new creative partners added “new energy which pushed me not to limit
myself. Everything felt fresh and alive.”
Chung is known specifically for his innovative, unexpected musical pairings: Kid Cudi hit up
on Nosaj Thing via his MySpace page in 2006, resulting in Chung producing Cudi’s
autobiographical classic “The Man on the Moon.” Kendrick Lamar flowed over Nosaj’s
ethereal boom bap to create the YouTube gem “Cloud 10”, Chance the Rapper, meanwhile,
freaked a Nosaj beat for his 2013 breakout masterpiece “Paranoia” and appeared on Nosaj
Thing’s previous LP, 2015’s Fated. Chung and Blonde Redhead vocalist Kazu Makino are also
longtime creative partners on each other’s work, her voice appears on Parallels as an
otherworldly spirit animating the icily ‘80s-synthetic “How We Do.”

Custom inner sleeve + download card

1. Nowhere
2. All Points Back To U (feat. Steve Spacek)
3. Form
4. How We Do (feat. Kazu Makino)
5. U G
6. Get Like
7. TM
8. Way We Were (feat. Zuri Marley)
10. Sister

LA Weekly: “serves as a study in simplicity, and an antidote to the anxieties of a high-tech,
hyperspeed life.”

Hypebeast: “[Nosaj Thing is] a progressive, genre-clashing and boundary-breaking
producer. “

Pitchfork: “one of the L.A. beat scene’s preeminent modern minimalists.”
Consequence Of Sound: “Chung has a fluid, strong control of the vibe. Erhältlich ab 08.09.2017

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