Yellowman & Fathead + Purpleman as Yellowman – Divorced (For Your Eyes Only) / Confessions

Image: 1611102 Zwei Alben zum ersten Mal auf einer CD vereint, inklusive umfangreicher Liner Notes. Yellowman und Fatheads Album “Divorced (For Your Eyes Only)” wurde 1983 bei Channel One aufgenommen und von Henry Junjo Lawes produziert. Purplemans “Confessions” aus dem Jahr 1983, das zuvor als ein Yellowman Album veröffentlicht wurde, wurde von Hugh Brown produziert.

Two great albums of deejay music on one CD for the first time with 16-page booklet and extensive linernotes by J.R. Gonne. There is first of all the “Divorced (For Your Eyes Only)” album from 1983, by Yellowman (born Winston Foster) & Fathead (born Vernon Rainford), recorded at Channel One with producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes and musicians of the High Times Band and the Roots Radics, and secondly the album by Purpleman (born Anthony Jones) entitled “Confessions”, as well from 1983 which was produced by U Brown. This longplayer was originally released on Vista Sounds (cat#VSLP4048) and had the deceptive artist name Yellowman, therefor listed here as the ‘Purpleman as Yellowman’ longplayer.

“Divorced (For Your Eyes Only)”
1 Divorced!
2 Barn Yard
3 For Your Eyes Only
4 Water Rock
5 Tourist Season
6 Sometime I Lie
7 Don’t Call Me Daddy
8 Donkey Want Water
9 To The Bump
10 Top Form
11 Can’t Tell Mi Bossman
12 Paulette
13 We’re Badder Than Them
14 Carry Us Home
15 No Luck In Trafficating
16 Jah My Guiding Master
17 Can’t Get No Money
18 Fiscal Fitness
19 Session Inna Westmoreland Erhältlich ab 29.09.2017

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